2019 PRGE Panel Descriptions

Metal Jesus Rocks at PRGE 2015
John Hancock, Reggie Williams, Kinsey Burke and Jason Lindsey at the Metal Jesus Rocks panel in 2015.

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Angry Video Game Nerd

Speakers: James Rolfe, Justin Silverman
Description: Join the AVGN on Saturday and Sunday for Q & A, upcoming projects, behind the scenes and more.

Arcade History Tour

Speakers: Brian F Colin
Description: Join us as the guy responsible for conceiving and creating such classics as RAMPAGE and GENERAL CHAOS shares first-hand, anecdotal-filled tales about developing some of the world's best-loved arcade games… (i.e., DISCS OF TRON, SPY HUNTER, XENOPHOBE, ARCH RIVALS, PIGSKIN, RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR and many more.)

Atari 800 series computers:40 years

Speakers: Joe Decuir, Kevin Savetz, Paul Westphal, David Crane & Jamie Lendino
Description: In this panel, join our veteran, industry, panelists as they discuss working on the various iterations of the Atari.

Atari Arcade Games - The REAL Atari

Speakers: Ed Logg, John Salwitz, Rich Adam, and Ed Rotberg
Description: Atari started out making Arcade Games years before the VCS became the first, viable home game console. Four of the designers from the arcade division will discuss what Atari was like in the really early days of Atari, and the games development process that grew from nothing to producing hit after hit throughout the golden age of Coin Operated Games. Meet designers Ed Logg, John Salwitz, Rich Adam, and Ed Rotberg who collectively were responsible for some of the biggest Atari arcade game successes, including Asteroids, Gauntlet, Paperboy, 720, Missle Command, Gravitar, Battlezone, STUN Runner and many others.

Atari: Game Over — But Not Forgotten

Speakers: Pamela Smith
Description: Join Pamela Smith as she talks about how Atari games have continued to be a part of the zeitgeist even 46 years after the North American video games crash of 1983. She will take you back to a time when she worked for Atari in the Promotion Design department for Consumer Electronics during 1982 to 1984, when she designed the holiday packaging for the 5200 game console, and the retail point-of-purchase and sales support materials for the Ms. Pac Man, DigDug, Pengo and Phoenix games. These retail materials included counter cards that were placed next to the cash registers, and posters, mobiles and shelf talkers that hung in stores selling the Atari video games and consoles. She was also on the team that designed and produced the 1983 sales catalogs that included the 2600 and 5200 video game consoles and the entire line up of games.

Come for Prizes, Stay for the Fun!

Speakers: Josh Hamblin, Reggie, Capt. X
Description: Josh (SideQuest Games) and Radical Reggie are back at it again with another fun panel; but this year they are bringing in a special guest!! Capt. X-bit from his wildly popular Facebook Streaming page X-Bit Gaming is coming all the way out here from the East Coast to join the panel. The panelists will actively engage with the audience for a short question and answer portion of the panel. Then move into video game trivia and handing out lots of prizes provided by SideQuest Games and X-bit Gaming.

Completely Unnecessary Podcast LIVE!

Speakers: Pat "The NES Punk" Contri and Ian Ferguson
Description: Join Pat "The NES Punk" Contri and Ian Ferguson as they host a live presentation of their popular Completely Unnecessary Podcast, covering gaming, movies, comics, and the latest geek topics.

Panel may contain mature language and subject matter. Attendee discretion is advised.

Console War: Gamecube vs. PS2

Speakers: Arlo & Lockstin
Description: Join Arlo and Lockstin as they attempt to settle one of the world’s most fierce debates… WHICH WAS BETTER, GAMECUBE OR PLAYSTATION 2? Come armed and ready with your opinions and a list of the best games on your platform of choice, because this will be an all-out BRAWL, and you better believe the audience will be getting in on the action!

Cosplay Q&A with Traci Hines

Speakers: Traci Hines
Description: Traci Hines shares her cosplay journey, and answers questions about her cosplay process and passions. Traci has been cosplaying since 2007 and has become known for her detailed cosplays, many of them Disney inspired, which are often created for her music videos on YouTube. She brings her costumes to life through collaboration and attention to detail, and loves nothing more than bringing beloved characters to life through costume design, wigs and character makeup. She believes cosplay is for everyone, no matter their level of expertise.


Speakers: Dan Kitchen, Garry Kitchen & David Crane
Description: Join former Activision Game Designer Dan Kitchen as he talks about working at Activision in the early 1980's before and after the infamous Video Game Crash of 1983, the Activision Prototype Games that were never released, and how Dan is finally finishing KEYSTONE KAPERS II™ (a.k.a., DAN KITCHEN'S GOLD RUSH™), 39 years after starting it.

David Murray: The 8-Bit Guy

Speakers: David Murray
Description: Join David Murray, also known as The 8-Bit Guy as he shares his extensive knowledge of classic game systems, 8-bit computers and electronic music. David is ready for your questions on retro computer restoration, classic synthesizers and even how to "retrobright" your yellowed game and computer hardware.

Diablo and We

Speakers: Matt Householder & Matt Uelmen
Description: Join Matt Householder (Producer Diablo II) and Matt Uelmen (Sound Designer/Composer/Performer Diablo, Diablo II, and Diablo III) as they recall working on this monster game series.

Double NintenDare! A Nintendo Game Show with 90s Flair!

Speakers: Curtis Bonds
Description: On your mark… get set… GO! Double NintenDare is a Nintendo-themed throwback to the classic kids game show of a similar name. Put your knowledge and skill of classic and current Nintendo games to the test by answering tricky trivia questions and taking on our special “Digital Challenges”. Each player will receive fabulous prizes, and we’ll play some classic 90s commercials in between rounds.

Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and More!

Speakers: Philo Barnhart with Charles D. Moisant
Description: Philo Barnhart with Charles D. Moisant will explore Philo's time working on the ground breaking Video Games created by Don Bluth's studio. After viewing some scenes from the video game. Philo will show his cuts from his first feature film Star Trek the Motion Picture now celebrating its 40th year!

Gaming... with Children

Speakers: John Riggs
Description: Join John Riggs, along with his daughters Laura and Lily, as they talk about what it's like to growing up with 40 years of video gaming, what games they're into individually and has a family and proof you can have children and still find time for video games.

Get Over Here! with Paul Niemeyer

Speakers: Paul Niemeyer & Tim Kitzrow
Description: You may have seen Paul's art in such hits as Spy Hunter, Time Killers, and the original Mortal Kombat! Paul actually created the iconic Mortal Kombat logo! This will be a panel you can't miss! Paul will also be joined by Tim Kitzrow voice of "He's heating up," NBA Jam and many others!

Getting the best from your classic consoles at any price point

Speakers: Bob Neal
Description: It's a common misconception that you need to spend a lot of money to get the best experience from your classic game consoles. This panel is an overview of how these consoles work and how to get an excellent experience from them at any price.

Howard Scott Warshaw

Speakers: Howard Scott Warshaw
Description: The legendary programmer of games like Yar's Revenge, Raiders of the lost Ark and E.T. Howard has many stories to tell and may even disucss the new project he is working on.

The Immortal John Hancock

Speakers: John Hancock
Description: Bring your toughest game collecting questions, because John is ready to answer them. John will also be discussing what his future plans.

The Impact Of Melee:A Super Smash Bros. Retrospective

Speakers: Robin Schapiro & Lord Ezekiel Arevalo
Description: The Super Smash Bros. franchise turns 20 years old this year. In an effort to keep interest in the series, the developers over at HAL Laboratory are given little time to complete their newest title for Project Dolphin (the original code name for the GameCube). Working tirelessly day and night, they deliver a sequel like no other. A unique fighting game that would be played even to this day. Super Smash Bros. Melee. Witness insight into an 18 year old GameCube title whose gameplay is fast paced. The controller still used in Smash Bros. games today. Get the chance to try it out for yourself. Discover what you may or may not now about the games inner workings. See just how much Melee impacted the rest of the Smash Bros franchise.Understand how fans are keeping Melee alive.

The M.A.D.E. Presents

Speakers: The MADE Staff
Description: The MADE is a 501(c)(3) organization and museum dedicated to activities that engage participants with all forms of digital art and entertainment. Join the staff as this discuss game preservation and experiences running a muesuem dedicated to video gaming. Follow the link for more information about the muesuem.

Making Alien Vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar - a 25th Anniversary retrospective

Speakers: James Hampton
Description: Come hear about the time James had to smuggle an Alien Queen through quarantine...seriously. James served as producer of AvP and will share a ton of insights into working with Fox Studios, Rebellion Games, and Atari.

The Matt McMuscles Panel: Wha Happun?

Speakers: Matt McMuscles
Description: Hello and welcome to another Matt McMuscles panel, where we'll be discussing behind the scenes factoids about Wha Happun, Gone Too Soon, The Sonic 2006 LP, American cereals, and special upcoming sneak peeks! There will also be a special live edition of Crymetina Critiques! Be there...AND be square!

Metal Jesus Rocks SUPER MEGA EXTREME Panel

Speakers: Jason "Metal Jesus Rocks" Lindsey, Kinsey Burke, "Radical" Reggie Williams, Kelsey Lewin, John Riggs, John Hancock and Drunken Master Paul
Description: Back again by popular demand, MJR and his crew are here to regale in more of their stores and shenanigans. Moderated by Drunken Master Paul.

Panel may contain mature language and subject matter. Attendee discretion is advised.

Mother to Earth

Speakers: J. Bone-Christian, Christian A. Deitering, Evan Butler
Description: A documentary about one of Nintendo’s biggest cult classics - Mother - better known in North America as Earthbound Beginnings. Explore the 25 year history of this game and learn about its localization, cancellation, and later realization as it finally made its way to the WiiU’s virtual console. This is the first time a film will unveil this utterly fascinating side of unreleased video games and prototypes. Follow Earthbound Beginnings’s incredible journey, from its initial creation to its eventual release. And the best part is, it’s all true!

N64 Homebrew Development

Speakers: Victor Vieux
Description: In this two-part series, Victor will talk about the technical specifications of the N64 console and tools available to development homebrews for the N64. He will then show the audience how to create a homebrew live on stage. There will also be a Q&A session.
In the second part of the series, Victor will continue to add more to the game made in the first panel by adding sound and graphic assets. Then he will talk about the future of N64 homebrew development scene.

NES Maker

Speakers: Joe Granato
Description: Learn about what NES Maker is and how it works. Joe will also be showcasing some amazing games made with NES Maker including The New 8-Bit heroes.

Nintendo Game Play Counselor Reunion

Speakers: Stephan Reese, Tom Kristensen, Yvette and James Waters
Description: "Nintendo Game Play. How may I help you?" Please join several original Nintendo Game Play Counselors as they tell stories from the formative years of their careers at Nintendo. Find out things like what it was like being on the receiving end of the million Dragon Warrior giveaway, or how many people really called in to ask about warp whistles! Hear stories they haven't told for 30 years! Don't miss it!

Nobody Fails Better Than Nintendo

Speakers: Stop Skeletons From Fighting
Description: Others in the video game industry have certainly failed harder, but no one’s taken failure in stride quite like Nintendo. They’ve found incredible success with things like motion controlled games, touchscreens, and toys-to-life but these ideas originated way farther back than you might think. Nintendo haven’t always been the most successful video game company, but you can never count ‘em out! Join YouTubers Derek Alexander and Grace Kramer from Stop Skeletons From Fighting as we celebrate the wacky ways Nintendo has bounced back from failure.

Pat The NES Punk

Speakers: Pat Contri
Description: The man behind Pat the NES Punk, the #CUPodcast, and Flea Market Madness is here! Join Pat Contri as he shows off a new video, discusses his new SNES book, and talks about his other projects. Then stick around for the famous Play the Punk Challenge! Are you ready?

Ralph H. Baer: His Creative Life in Electronics, Videogames and More

Speakers: Mark Baer & Lenny Herman
Description: Leonard Herman, videogame writer and author of the Phoenix series of books documenting video game history will be joined by Mark W. Baer, the son of Ralph H. Baer the visionary man who, along with his team of engineers, created the first game system which set the stage for the modern videogame industry. Mark, who worked and traveled with his father over the last two decades of his life, will reflect on Ralph's amazing career and what it was like growing up in the world of a creative genius, as Leonard reflects on his experiences with Ralph as he got to know him for many years on account of his book series. Attendees will be treated to the first recording of individuals playing on a video game system and will get a sense of not only how and why this was so revolutionary but also how visionaries operate and sometimes are simply far ahead of their times.

Retro Homebrew Development, Marketing, Self-Promotion, and Girls with Fox Ears

Speakers: Ricky Henry
Description: Panel host Ricky Henry is a professional in the graphic design and television industry, currently working on the 80's cult revival NIGHT FLIGHT on IFC and the Night Flight Plus streaming service. A hobbyist programmer, developer, and designer - he has carved out a small niche in the retro gaming community turning fun, original homebrew titles into full-fledged marketing pieces for businesses large and small alike. This panel will explore the idea of using retro homebrew games as a means for marketing and self-promotion - including the development of his most recent project - a PRGE convention exclusive title - Space Foxes. Stop by, ask questions, hear humorous stories and enjoy some exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from the show starring some familiar faces in the retro gaming scene!

Retronauts Podcast: When Celebrities and Video Games Collide

Speakers: Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish
Description: Video games and Hollywood are ideally as separate as church and state, but when the two decide to crosspollinate, the results can be both embarrassing AND hilarious. Join hosts of the Retronauts podcast—Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish—for a historical video tour of gaming’s worst celebrity appearances, from cameos to special guest roles to vanity projects. You’ll believe Aerosmith can act!

Saving Nintendo's Past with Howard and Frank

Speakers: Howard Phillips & Frank Cifaldi
Description: Nintendo is the Disney of video games. Its characters and games have captured imaginations more than those of any other game company, and its game designs practically set the template for other companies to follow. So why do we know so little about its inner workings? Join former Nintendo Fun Club President Howard Phillips and Video Game History Foundation director Frank Cifaldi as we discuss Nintendo’s early days, the birth of Nintendo Power, and how we can work together to ensure that the company’s legacy is preserved.

Secrets of Copy Protection in Video Games

Speakers: Modern Vintage Gamer
Description: Join MVG as he discusses various forms of copy protection methods that were implemented in Video Games and how they were defeated. Including some real stories that arent very well known

Sequelcast 2 Top 10 Hidden Ready Player One Video Game References

Speakers: Mat Bradley-Tschirgi, Tony Minsent, Eric Windsor, and Sean Christopher Franson
Description: In 2018, Steven Spielberg made the video game equivalent of Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Ready Player One. Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and friends discuss the Top 10 Hidden Ready Player One Video Game References from the film along with their thoughts on this controversial flick. There will be fun prizes given away!

Tales From The Game Store

Speakers: Matt Artim, Ian Ferguson & Cody Spencer
Description: Join these three game store workers and hear what their day to day is like. From the usual to the random Stadium Events in the bottom of a bag.

Things I Got Wrong

Speakers: Randel Reiss
Description: Randel has created such hits as Spiderman and Zero Tolerance for the Sega Genesis. He's bursting at the seams with stories from the early days of the gaming industry and looking forward to sharing them with you!

Three Full Time YouTubers Tell All Their Secrets To Success

Speakers: Arlo, Lockstin, Tyler Baron, and Chris Pranger
Description: Ever wanted to make a career out of YouTube? Don't know how to start? Don't know where to go once you do? Join Arlo, Austin "Lockstin" Lockwood, and Tyler Baron of Treesicle as they explain how they got to where they are and how you can (maybe, possibly) do it too. Hosted by Chris Pranger, a current marketing writer there to provide the money side of the business (AKA the hard truths of the influencer world).

The TRON Effect

Speakers: Tim Lapetino
Description: In 1982, Disney released an experimental science fiction film by an unknown director. While TRON was a financial disappointment, the cutting-edge movie would go on to be one of the most visually and technically influential films of that era. The movie was influenced by early video games and computers, and in turn, birthed its own original video games, design tropes, pioneering CGI work, and generations of pop culture. Author and design historian Tim Lapetino will unpack the influence of TRON in arcades, home computers, and visual culture 37 years after its release.

The Video Game History Foundation

Speakers: Frank Cifaldi & Kelsey Lewin
Description: VGHF co-directors Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin are on hand to discuss preserving video game history. Come learn about what we've been up to, where we're going, and what YOU can do to help us make sure video game history never disappears!

Q&A with author Brett Weiss and YouTuber Kelsey Lewin -- Free Book Giveaway!

Speakers: Brett Weiss & Kelsey Lewin
Description: Join acclaimed author Brett Weiss and popular YouTuber Kelsey Lewin as they talk about video game history, their first video game, content creation, and more. Then, Brett and Kelsey will open things up to the audience for questions. The person with the most interesting, most thoughtful or most original question will win a FREE signed copy of The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games Vol. 2 (N-Z), to be given away at the end of the panel. Written by Brett, with nostalgic stories by Kelsey and other industry insiders, the full color, hardcover SNES Omnibus Vol. 2 is a $50 value. Join in the fun!

Watch Out For Fireballs!

Speakers: Gary Butterfield & Kole Ross
Description: Watch Out For Fireballs!, a podcast 8 years running(!), brings their live show to PRGE! Each week Gary and Kole thoroughly dissect a different game with heart, humor, and middle brow rigor. Take a load off and enjoy our subject for 2019: Watch Out For Fireballs!'s Retro Hidden Gems. Gary and Kole draw your attention to a handful of underappreciated games from yesteryear.

Walter Day / Twin Galaxies / Retro Gaming and Cards that commemorate them!

Speakers: Walter Day
Description: Walter Day (walterday.com), will be joined by Ryan Burger of Old School Gamer (oldschoolgamer.com) to talk about the Golden Age of Arcade Gaming. As the founder of Twin Galaxies -- the oldest video game scorekeeping and adjudication service in history, Walter Day is known as "The Father of eSports" and has often been called The Patron Saint of Video Games. Topics will include everything from the start of competitive gaming in Iowa back in 1982, recent excitement in the retro gaming competitive gaming world and more. After this Q&A we will conduct a TRADING CARD AWARD CEREMONY and present trading cards and award certificates that recognize numerous individuals at the show who have contributed greatly to the history of the global gaming culture. A meet and greet will be held at the Old School Gamer booth on the exhibit floor afterwards.

You Don't Have To Go To Japan... But It Helps!

Speakers: Kinsey Burke, Chris Kohler & Steve Lin
Description: Japan! It's the birthplace of Mario, Final Fantasy, and probably several other video game series. Collecting Japanese import games, the original versions of these beloved classics, can be lots of fun, but challenging. Do you have to go all the way to Akihabara to get the best deals? Sometimes! But you can also build up a great import collection from the comfort of your own home. Join our panel of import enthusiasts for expert tips and stories of Japanese game hunting.