PRGE Video Game Museum

PRGE 2019 Museum Location
The PRGE museum is located in rooms D135-D136.

The PRGE museum presents professionally curated displays of video game collectibles and memorobilia highlighting the historical nature of the gaming industry. 2019 is a year of anniversaries with both the Nintendo Gameboy and the Sega Genesis celebrating their 30th birthdays. Many of this year's items have never before been presented in at PRGE.

The PRGE museum is made possible by a multitude of volunteers who contribute their time and valuable collectibles to bring the history of gaming to life. If you enjoy the museum during your visit to PRGE, please consider making a donation to the Video Game History Foundation or a purchase from their gift shop located in the museum. All proceeds support the Video Game History Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to cataloging, digitizing, and preserving the history of video games.

2019 Museum Exhibits:

Nintendo Gameboy 30th Anniversary

30 Years of the Nintendo Gameboy

Presented by the Video Game History Foundation

Explore the legacy of the Game Boy through this exhibit featuring some of its most unusual uses, influential products, and the modern innovations still keeping it on our minds.

Full Set of Complete Sega Genesis Games

Presented by the John Hancock Sega Genesis!

The Sega Genesis was introduced in the U.S. in 1989 and over the next few years was able to give gaming juggernaut Nintendo, with their Super Nintendo Entertainment System, a run for their money. Sega and many third-party publishers released over 700 titles in North America and super-collector John Hancock owns them all. Come see his entire collection on display in our special acrylic display walls that show off both the front and back of each game box.

Nintendo Game Counselor

Nintendo Game Counselor Retrospective

Presented by the Stephan Reese

A Game Counselor was an employee of Nintendo of America who was responsible for taking phone calls from customers who had trouble with certain games. This hotline lasted from 1987 to 2005.

Becoming a Game Counselor was a highly selective process. Requirements for Game Counselors were stringent, to include excellent customer service, fast writing, a high school diploma as well as a geographic requirement of residing within the Seattle metro area. Naturally, a Game Counselor also had to be a skilled gamer.

Stephan Reese will be on hand with his collection of rare Game Counselor memorobilia and will preside over a panel of actual Game Counselors from back in the day! Panel is at 6:00 PM on Saturday in Auditorium C.

History of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Presented by the PRGE

2019 marks the 14th year of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, originally created as a convention for members of the Northwest Classic Games Enthusiasts (NWCGE). This exhibit contains memorobilia from our 14 years of operation and stories about the formation of what has become the largest retro gaming event in the US.

Museum Curators

Frank Cifaldi is a video game archivist, historian, and developer living in Oakland, California. Game titles he has worked on include Mega Man Legacy Collection, #IDARB, and Sharknado: The Video Game. Prior to this he had a decade-long career as a journalist and an editor, primarily at Gamasutra and 1UP. He is on the advisory board for the National Videogame Museum and the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, and has facilitated donations of rare video game artifacts to the Strong Museum of Play and the Library of Congress.

Kelsey Lewin is the co-director of the Video Game History Foundation and co-owner of the Seattle gaming institution, Pink Gorilla Games. Among other things, she's acted as VGHF's head of marketing and PR, she was instrumental in their joint educational grant with the University of Washington, she's spoken on our behalf at events and conferences, and she recently spent five weeks embedded with a small army of volunteers in Minneapolis, helping to archive Game Informer Magazine's press materials.

If you've ever enjoyed one of the pop-up museum exhibits at Portland Retro Gaming Expo, you should thank Kelsey for making that happen. Here's her video highlighting an exhibit that she and Frank curated in 2018:

Location and Hours

Museum Location:

  • 1st Floor, Rooms D135-D136

Museum Hours:

  • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM to 4:45 PM